OMU Genesis Key Cover For Jeep Wrangler JL JT

OMU Genesis Key Cover For Jeep Wrangler JL JT

Compared with yourj Jeep, the key cover is the one that stays with you longer. How to make a plain original car key recognizable? A highly designed key set to meet your needs. Paying attention to every detail, this is the design concept of OMU Genesis Series

Professional Design Team, Dedicated To Creating 

Every structural proportion and every detail of craftsmanship has been carefully crafted, so that the seemingly irregular parts are spliced together in an extremely coordinated manner, highlighting the mechanical and metallic beauty as a whole, which is more in line with the hard-core style of the Wrangler.

Integration Of Various Material Elements 

We have incorporated a variety of material elements such as aluminum-magnesium alloy\strengthened glass\composite material\stainless steel\silica gel. The product has nearly 20 components and a three-layer spliced structure to highlight the sense of hierarchy. The combined size is slightly larger than the original key and has a delicate feel. Elegant, humanized design, more comfortable to hold.

Lossless Signal, Sensitive Remote Control 

The side metal cutouts are combined with high-quality composite materials to solve the problem of signal emission and electrostatic shielding and make the transmission distance more stable. Tested one hundred thousand times, our products stand the test.

CNC Technology, Waterproof&Dustproof 

The latest CNC technology is used to carve the parts to a minimum, and every detail is perfectly matched. With tempered glass, the mechanical feel of the internal structure and the main body show a transparent, beautiful, unique and smooth design proportion. Under the premise of ensuring quality and appearance, waterproof and dustproof are in place at once.

Latch-type Buckle Design. Easy To Access 

Two-button/Four-button Universal 

The key button position is reserved, and both two buttons and four buttons are universal. It can be installed without damage to the original car and is equipped with multi-functional installation tools at the factory.

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