OMU Genesis Door Handle Cover For Ford Bronco 2/4 Doors

OMU Genesis Door Handle Cover For Ford Bronco 2/4 Doors

OMU Genesis Series Door Handle Cover combines aluminum-magnesium alloy and dry carbon fiber, a perfect combination of classic and innovation. Made with CNC engraving technology, it has exquisite details, harmonious proportions, and ingenuity in every detail. Choose OMU and enjoy a trendy driving experience!

Aluminum-magnesium Alloy CNC Engraving 

The whole is made of aluminum-magnesium alloy and carbon fiber, which is high-strength and lightweight; the CNC carving technology accurately controls every detail, the workmanship is exquisite, and it fits tightly to the door handle. It is impeccable in both appearance and practicality.


The surface of the handle cover has been highly anodized, which is not only corrosion-resistant and wear-resistant, but also resistant to all kinds of dirt and scratches, greatly extending the service life of the product. Whether it is in rugged terrain such as mountains and sand, or in extreme weather such as rain, snow, and sandstorms, it can be fully protected from damage.

 Hardcore Style 

Adopt advanced industrial design concept, and its unique tough style shows a strong industrial atmosphere. The matte surface treatment, sharp and smooth line design, and personalized laser marking show extraordinary taste and driving attitude. It conforms to ergonomics, and can bring a comfortable experience to the driver whether it is hand holding or closing and opening the door.

 Non-destructive Installation 

No need to punch or cut, the original car mold is customized to perfectly fit the original car design, ensuring lossless installation, simple and convenient


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