OMU Genesis Antenna Base Cover for Jeep Wrangler JK JL JT

OMU Genesis Antenna Base Cover for Jeep Wrangler JK JL JT

Welcome to the world of OMU!
Let’s introduce this new product in detail.

 Genesis Series Antenna Base Cover 

Say goodbye to mediocrity, improve details, and have a dynamic and excellent design. It is not only the charm of the appearance, but also the exquisite polishing and perfect presentation of the internal details.

 Structure and Design 

This antenna base cover cleverly combines two high-performance materials, carbon fiber and aluminum alloy, to ensure strength and durability while being both lightweight and beautiful.

The OMU logo on the antenna base cover adopts an embossed design, which makes the details of the logo more prominent and the texture more outstanding.

Whenever sunlight shines on the antenna cover, the embossed logo presents a three-dimensional effect under the reflection of light and shadow, making it more personalized and unique, and giving the car body a more modern and sporty appearance.


Unique design makes your off-road experience better
The appearance is simple yet refined. The see-through glass design adds a sense of mystery and technology to the entire vehicle. Whether on city streets or off-road, this antenna base cover can bring a unique visual experience to your Jeep, allowing car owners to confidently display their car.

When designing this antenna base cover
We gave full consideration to its matching and coordination with other parts of the vehicle. The perspective effect and structure of the antenna bottom cover and fuel tank cover are cleverly unified, giving the entire vehicle a highly harmonious and unified appearance.

 Same Style On JK



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