New Brand Released-OMU(OFF-ROAD MUTANTS)

New Brand Released-OMU(OFF-ROAD MUTANTS)


"Genesis Series"

The Genesis Series products originated from the power of a dream, dating back to 2008, when a group of adventurous friends came together and founded the original off-road equipment modification alliance with a common dream. To create off-road vehicles that can conquer the most extreme terrains, they roam the wild, climbing steep mountains, traversing icy swamps, and unafraid to challenge the boundaries of nature. Until now, they still have pride and determination, so they decided to remember the passion and adventurous journey of that year, and using this as inspiration, we defined this series of products as the "Genesis Series" -SINCE2008

The Genesis represents the courage and determination of founders, as well as our awe and exploration of the natural world. Each product is carefully designed and developed to cater to adventurers seeking the ultimate off-road experience. Whether in rugged mountains, muddy swamps, or desolate deserts, the Genesis Series products can demonstrate excellent performance and reliability.

-First Batch of OMU Released Products-


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