OMU Genesis Shift Knob Handle for Jeep Wrangler JK

OMU Genesis Shift Knob Handle for Jeep Wrangler JK

"OMU Genesis Shift Knob Handle"
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 Ergonomic design gives you a perfect driving experience

First of all, in terms of function, we have made improvements to solve the problem of the main and secondary gear levers being too low. Make appropriate adjustments based on the position of the original gear lever and raise it to a more suitable height, so that the driver can switch gears and four-wheel drive modes more easily.

In addition, we paid special attention to the difficulty of using the auxiliary gear lever. We have optimized the design of the auxiliary gear lever to make it easier to use. We have adjusted the shape of the auxiliary gear lever and designed the concave and convex grooves in the hand to improve the operating feel. Whether it is shifting gears or adjusting gears, the driver can complete it conveniently.

Through these improvements, Jeep owners’ driving experience has been greatly improved. They no longer have to worry about operating the gear lever and can focus on driving itself. Whether on city roads or on the highway, you can enjoy a smooth and comfortable driving experience.


Let’s move to its appearance design. The titanium black aluminum-magnesium alloy material is combined with carbon fiber elements, and the overall lines are smooth and unique, showing a sense of strength and movement. Its carefully crafted exterior contours and curves not only meet the convenience of operation, but also display exquisite craftsmanship and aesthetics, instantly improving your interior space and highlighting your personality and taste.


It is tailor-made according to the original gear lever using advanced CNC technology. This high-precision CNC machining technology ensures the accuracy and quality of the product, allowing every detail of the gear lever kit to withstand strict inspection and match perfectly. In addition, the surface of the product has been specially anodized, which not only increases its wear resistance and corrosion resistance, but also gives it a unique metallic texture that is irresistible to the touch and feel.

 Embossed Logo Design 

The embossed LOGO design on the gear lever kit gives it a three-dimensional and textured appearance, adding a sense of design and charm to the entire product. This small detail reflects the manufacturer's ultimate pursuit of quality and attention to detail, adding a unique personality to your Jeep.

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