OMU Genesis A-pillar Light Bracket For Jeep Wrangler JL JT

OMU Genesis A-pillar Light Bracket For Jeep Wrangler JL JT

We are very excited to introduce the OMU Genesis Spotlight Bracket! After a long period of development and innovative design, we launched this spotlight bracket that combines beauty and function, giving your car a unique charm in both appearance and function.

 Full of Mechanical Feeling

This spotlight bracket adheres to OMU's consistent style, using high-quality aluminum-magnesium alloy materials and dry carbon fiber. The mechanical style design is full of lines and a strong three-dimensional sense. It is full of visual impact when paired with your Jeep, and it will definitely attract a lot of attention when driving outside.

 Double Layer Design 

The low-position lamps can be removed separately and adjusted flexibly when not needed; the top-level lamp rack is equipped with a two-way track to facilitate the adjustment of the height of the spotlights according to driving needs, making the adjustment of the lighting angle more convenient, more stable, and more reasonable!

 The bracket design does not affect the driver's sight, and can effectively supplement the lighting needs of outdoor off-road driving at night. The top is also specially equipped with a sports camera installation position to record the wonderful moments of each journey! The parts that contact the body are all in contact with rubber pads, which can reduce friction and unnecessary noise.

 Easy Installation 

The installation of the bracket is very easy, with a precise hole design based on the original data, and a smooth and rounded cutting arc. Only a few screws are needed for installation and removal, and you can also easily DIY the installation to ensure that it is firm and will not fall off.


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