Fury Series Armory Seat Extension Panel For Jeep Wrangler JK/JL

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  • Suitable for all models
  • Appearance design : still continues FUNY's sense of equipment and machinery. Let's introduce this seat expansion panel.
  • There are three schemes for the market launch of the panel to meet the needs of various car owners, namely:master driver scheme / CO driver scheme / bare board scheme

  • [main driver panel scheme]: panel body / piece, medical package / piece, multi-function tool / piece, strong light flashlight / piece, expansion equipment
package (medium) / piece, fire extinguisher / piece.


  • [copilot panel scheme]: panel main body / piece, expanding equipment package (small) 2, expanding equipment package (middle) 1, expanding equipment
package (large) 1, fire extinguisher / piece.

  • [bare board scheme]: panel body / piece, 10 Velcro straps (used to fix any cross-country equipment and tools, set according to your own habits and needs)
  • The upper and lower four fixing clips of the panel are metal quick release clasps, so that the whole panel can be disassembled quickly in case of emergency. Mechanical sink splicing design, and eye-catching fury logo, conspicuous U.S. military certification mark. Equipped with military engine room control box and
  • other components. It's enough to show your inner turmoil.
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